Tim Burton

Tim Burton

I am always fascinated with Tim Burton's works. This illustration derived from the wash-off technique. I sketched out my illustration on cold press board. I then applied white gouache paint to the areas I want to be white. Once completely dried, I laid down India ink over the entire illustration. With running water, I brushed off over the board. All gouache will wash away leaving only the india ink since it is permanent.

This technique will give a negative effect. It can be left as is at this point and have a rough looking illustration if that is what you want to achieve but I wanted to clean it up in Adobe Illustrator. So I cleaned up the lines with the aid of a light box.

The illustration is finalized in Adobe Illustrator where I added the embellished border, colors, and halftone effect. This process takes time but I am always exploring different illustration techniques. I invite you to try it out!